Charles Hoskinson is best known as the creator of Cardano, a top 4 cryptocurrency that has been comfortably in the top 10 for a while now.

But before that, he was a co-founder of Ethereum, he was part of BitShares with Dan Larimer, and he was the creator of the Bitcoin Education Project.

Back in 2014, long before Ethereum had even launched, I first met and interviewed Charles, at a conference in Toronto. Now 7 years later, we reconnected in Mexico at the Satoshi Roundtable, and dived into everything that’s happened since then. Cardano’s meteoric rise, Ethereum’s success, and the shift of Bitcoin culture.

Thanks for chatting with me, Charles!

00:00 Intro
00:30 The TED talk that changed everything
02:32 Friction and Fallout
03:50 The Developing World
10:12 Inflation and the DeFi Boom
17:00 History of Crypto
19:51 Charles’ early years: Bitcoin Course, BitShares
26:00 Ethereum DRAMA
30:05 Cardano’s Journey of Research
32:47 BATTLE for Base Layer & Bitcoin cultists
42:57 Bitcoin Religion
52:25 Power of CHOICE
57:57 Vilification of “ALTS”
1:03:21 Government intervention
1:08:22 Can Crypto be Stopped?
1:16:13 the CHARLES TATTOO!!
1:17:11 The Future

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