Canva Pro - Worth It? (Canva Pro Review & Tutorial)

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Canva is a great tool for designers to create a variety of graphics – from social media images to print designs. It’s free to use, but comes with a few limitations. In this video, we take a look at the pro version, which removes those restrictions and gives you access to a lot more features.

The key difference between the free plan and the paid plan is that with the paid one, you can use elements from any of the stock libraries on Canva. That’s a big deal because the stock libraries are constantly being updated.

The pro version also lets you access all the fonts, which is a huge feature for designers. Moreover, in the free version, you can create designs only in the “standard” size. With the paid plan, you have access to a lot more sizes. There are also other features that you get access to, such as templates and the ability to create in multiple designs at the same time.

Overall, Canva Pro is a great tool to make your designs look more professional, so it’s definitely worth a try.

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Photo and graphic library
1:54 Background removal
2:35 Resize tool
3:49 Animation
4:14 Video creation
6:42 Income Ideas using Canva
9:23 Mockup designs
10:02 Conclusions

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