Building a DNS-as-a-service with OpenStack Designate

– name: default
  # The name is immutable. There will be no option to change the name after
  # creation and the only way will to change it will be to delete it
  # (and all zones associated with it) and recreate it.
  description: Default Pool

  attributes: {}

  # List out the NS records for zones hosted within this pool
  # This should be a record that is created outside of designate, that
  # points to the public IP of the controller node.
    – hostname: {{Controller_FQDN}}. # Thisis mDNS
      priority: 1

  # List out the nameservers for this pool. These are the actual BIND servers.
  # We use these to verify changes have propagated to all nameservers.
    – host: {{ DNS_SERVER_IP }}
      port: 53

  # List out the targets for this pool. For BIND there will be one
  # entry for each BIND server, as we have to run rndc command on each server
    – type: bind9
      description: BIND9 Server 1

      # List out the designate-mdns servers from which BIND servers should
      # request zone transfers (AXFRs) from.
      # This should be the IP of the controller node.
      # If you have multiple controllers you can add multiple masters
      # by running designate-mdns on them, and adding them here.
        – host: {{ CONTROLLER_SERVER_IP }}
          port: 5354

      # BIND Configuration options
        host: {{ DNS_SERVER_IP }}
        port: 53
        rndc_host: {{ DNS_SERVER_IP }}
        rndc_port: 953
        rndc_key_file: /etc/rndc.key
        rndc_config_file: /etc/rndc.conf

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