Hello everyone! Welcome to another new video. This is Vanilla JavaScript Game walkthrough with HTML and CSS.

I have kept the styling at a bare minimum for you to go wild and make it your own. Please tag me as I would LOVE to see your game!!!

In this game I show you how to make Pac-Man move around the grid while avoiding walls, show you how to use the constructor method for all four ghosts to apply their unique characteristics to each one, including at what speed they move at. Clyde obviously being the slowest.

Inbuilt JavaScript methods I have used:
– addEventListener()
– getElementById()
– querySelector()
– for Loop
– appendChild()
– createElement()
– push()
– if else statements
– classList
– switch case
– keyCode
– forEach()
– setTimeout
– Class
– constructor
– setInterval()
– removeEventListener

Next steps:
My next goal is to make a copy of this game and apply logic to the ghost moves. At the moment they are choosing a direction to go in at random. I want to apply the logic that makes them move closer to wherever Pac-man is. (UPDATE! This video is now live on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr2xCoOm5BM)

View code here: https://github.com/kubowania/pac-man

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