Braincast’s Fresh Branding and Visual Identity Unveiled

Braincast's Fresh Branding and Visual Identity Unveiled

Explore how Braincast’s branding and visual identity, designed by Johnny Brito and Gabriel Castilho, reflects its unique blend of entertainment and information.

Johnny Brito and Gabriel Castilho recently unveiled a new visual identity for Braincast, a pioneering podcast from B9. Launched in 2006, Braincast has evolved into a highly regarded show, amassing a vast international audience over nearly 500 episodes. The task of designing over 270 covers since late 2015 fell to Brito, a self-professed fan and regular listener of B9’s content.

In conversation with Carlos Merigo, Braincast’s creator, the need for a refreshed visual identity was recognized in early 2020. Despite delays due to global events, 2022 marked the perfect moment for this transformation, aligning with the podcast’s aspirations to merge reliable content and entertainment.

The redesigned logo draws inspiration from the podcast’s essence: the marriage of fun and information. It features a distinctive ‘B’ that blends curves and linear elements, symbolizing the show’s versatility in tackling diverse topics—from tech trends to lifestyle.

This ‘B’ forms the cornerstone of the brand’s visual language, crafting a dynamic, modular system that adapts effortlessly across various mediums. The bold use of red in the color scheme underscores the brand’s energetic approach.

Brito views Braincast as an “audio magazine,” offering in-depth discussions on potentially mundane subjects in an engaging format. This perspective influenced the visual identity, aiming to capture the show’s spirit while allowing for the creative flexibility akin to magazine cover design. The challenge lay in creating cohesion between logo, avatar, and cover art, ensuring a consistent and integrated branding experience.

This new branding and visual identity not only signal Braincast’s growth but also its commitment to delivering content that entertains and informs in equal measure. Brito’s designs reflect an understanding of branding as more than mere aesthetics—it’s about encapsulating and communicating a brand’s core values to its audience, both loyal and prospective.

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