Where is the best place in the world for crypto? This could mean multiple things:
– Where can you find good crypto regulation and taxes?
– Where is the best place to spend your crypto, and use it day-to-day?

Over the next few videos we’ll dive into a bunch of places that have at one time claimed to be the “best for crypto”, and see how they actually fare today.

00:00 Intro
01:00 European Union
02:25 Portugal
06:15 Malta
09:46 Slovenia
11:40 Summary

In upcoming videos we’ll dive into:

Wyoming, USA
Puerto Rico
El Salvador
New Hampshire, USA
Townsville, Australia

Keep in mind that laws change, and so does adoption, so we’ll try to keep these videos updated over time. Also, we’re not your lawyers or accountants, so please consult a professional if you’re looking for specific advice for your situation.

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