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cPanel Name Server Setup

It seems no matter which flavor of linux / unix you are running and which control panel software that setting up custom name servers is always a problem. This How-To will be for installing name


How to rebuild the RPM database for Linux Centos 5

Had problems with our RPMs and our sys-admin Tim Hass came up with the perfect answer ! First of all You just need to be sure that no rpm processes are running! Then delete /var/lib/rpm/__db.*


Egrep – Helpful linux command reference

While many people use the grep command through a pipe | there are more efficient ways of using it. I have nearly killed a server on many occasions by running cat filename |grep some-term while

DDOS check via number of connections

DDOS check via number of connections A quick and usefull command for checking if a server is under DDOS is That will list the IPs taking the most amount of connections to a server. It

Choosing a JavaScript Framework

I’m working on a new website (one for me, not a client) and I need it to do some fancy visual things (lightboxing of images and HTML content, etc). Because there’s no point in re-inventing


Installing cPanel/WHM on a vanilla CentOS 5 Server

After having initially installed your latest CentOS5 OS on your server you need to take a few steps to get cPanel/WHM running securily on your server.


Issues with Rails on CENTOS5 and cPanel ?

I was trying to get rails to work through cPanel on Centos 5 and as many of you, I have encountered problems too. Here’s what made it work for me (run as root):


cPanel Security – Random JS Toolkit

A server compromise trend has been recently reported targeting multiple hosting platforms. RedHat Enterprise Linux & Centos 4/5 and Fedora Core 5/6 are the most common targets. This compromise is not believed to be specific


cPanel easy apache3 not wanting to play ball

Just recently we had a little glitch on one of our cPanel server which we wanted to upgrade to Apache2.2.8All of a sudden the recompiling process of Apache did not want to start and we


Apache 2.2.8 customization on cPanel Server

So ever since Apache moved to modular in version 2 you need to change your tune ups and modification for Apache in MPM instead of directly in apache


Manually setup your name server IPs on a cPanel server

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is one of the most essential parts of the modern web. Whenever you enter a domain name into your browser’s URL bar, DNS facilitates the translation of this request


cPanel Security Center Resource Links

Security Resource LinksPlease note that these links are to third party sites and that cPanel is not affliated with these sites. cPanel bears no responsibility for the content of these sites.


cPHulk makes brute force attacks melt like butter.

>We’ve all been faced with the problem of weak passwords. As much as you inform users about password security, they want to use something they can easily remember. So, we end up with passwords like


Manually run your log for a cPanel account via SSH

Sometimes you manually need to run the logs for one account in cPanel , you can easily do this via SSH


Rsync – Helpful linux command reference

Rsync is another very powerful command that is used to sync 2 directories between servers and only transfer the new files to the server. This is a great method for backups as it is low


Replace – Helpful linux command reference

The replace command is a very simple but VERY powerful command that comes as part of mysql. It can be used to quickly replace entries within a group of files. Generally I find it useful


What is kernel panic and what to do about it

Found an interessting post on the cPanel forum and though it might be of use for some, this is a sumary of the content: What is kernel panic on a Linux server ? Andy explains:


Installing ImageMagick 6.3.8 on a cPanel Server

This tutorial will give you a little step by step manual of how to upgrade and properly install ImageMagick on you cPanel server without having to manually compile Apache


How to setup External Mail server on cPanel Hosting

If you are running your or your clients are running their own private exchange server in the office and need an external mail server set up from the cPanel server pointing to your exchange server


Linux as a Tool for Windows Hardware Errors

In this article, Rais offers insights why Windows hardware failures may be causing some to update or replace devices that are still operational. Instead, he shows how powerful a tool Linux can be in tracking