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PHP: Loop through dates (from date to date) with strtotime() function

This is very easy way loop through dates (from date to date) with PHP strtotime() function. This example only echo dates, but of course this model can be used more complicated situations. <?php // Set

Flickr Marketing Tips From Open Forum

While the last thing this country, businesses or individuals need is to buy more stuff with fake money – yes, I mean credit (hee hee) – American Express, in a smart attempt to get people

PHP Script to Generate PostgreSQL Table Partitioning (Part 2)

As Part 1 (Howto create PostgreSQL table partitioning) shows, making of PostgreSQL partitioning needs a lot of SQL commands. So this Part 2 explains how SQL commands for PostgreSQL partitioning can be made with a

How to trace the cPanel API

At this point, cPanel’s APIs are not 100% documented.  We are working on it and hope to have complete API docs up in a few months.  I’ve written a CustomEventHandler that will print every API call

Firefox Turns Five

Yesterday marked five years since the release of version 1.0 of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Five years down the road, its success has surely played an important role in the ongoing development of web

What Is An Online Marketing Strategy?

What is an online marketing strategy? Sometimes people’s eyes just glaze over when I talk about online marketing strategy. Perhaps they’re thinking ‘I have a website and I’m on Twitter, what else is there?’ Or

Create PostgreSQL Table Partitioning (Part 1)

PostgreSQL supports partitioning via table inheritance. So the partitioning is made in such a way that every child table inherits single parent table. Parent table is empty and it exists just to describe the whole

Partitioning PostgreSQL Tables – Handle Millions of Rows Efficiently

PostgreSQL table partitioning means splitting one large database table into smaller logical pieces. PostgreSQL table partitioning will be worthwhile only when a table would be very large. Here are a few benefits of what can

CSS Double Body Background Image

So you’re designing a website, and you’ve reached a point where you need two background images behind the whole page, both repeating in at least one direction, but not all your pages will be full

Fedora 13 nVidia Drivers Install Guide (disable the nouveau driver)

Looking Fedora 22/21 nVidia Drivers Install Guide? I’ve tried this method in few Fedora 12 and Fedora 13 machine, and looks like it is working. Nouveau has been enabled by default starting from Fedora 11

Notes & Resources from WordPress for Business Meetup

The Southern California WordPress Meetup was a lot of fun as usual. Natalie Maclees was our gracious host and even provided dinner for everyone. WordPress provided swag, and Packt publishing gave away a free copy

Hide Apache ServerSignature / ServerTokens / PHP X-Powered-By

By default almost all Apache installation shows sensitive server information with Apache version number, server operating system details, installed Apache modules, PHP-version and so on. Attackers can use this information when performing attacks. Some examples

Howto upgrade Fedora 11 to Fedora 12 with Preupgrade

I think the most easiest way to upgrade Fedora 11 to Fedora 12 is program called preupgrade, which download needed packages from the server and then just reboot to installer and after install boot the

Fedora 12 Constantine is released

Fedora team promises to bring to you the latest and greatest release of Fedora ever, Fedora 12! Many things are really changed and improved. Fedora 12 also brings lots of new packages. Here is some

Troubleshooting the XML-API

We have had a flurry of integration tickets over the past week, which is awesome to see.  Most of these tickets have come down to a couple of basic problems.  The first of which is

Add date and time to Linux terminal title (Gnome Terminal, xterm, urxvt, rxvt)

Here is easy way add date and time to Linux terminal title. This trick works at least following terminals Gnome Terminal, xterm, urxvt, rxvt. Simply type the following command line: while sleep 1 ; do

WordPress For Business Presentation

I was kindly invited by the SoCal WordPress Meetup group, run by Natalie MacLees, to give a presentation at their next meeting in Los Angeles on November 19th. It’s free, but you must RSVP at

Google search from Linux and UNIX command line

Today I started thinking that how cool is do some Google searches straight from command line. First I try to find some ready tricks from the Internet, but I couldn’t find quickly anything good. So

Linux Tip: How to handle a files with a dash as first character from command line

Sometimes you maybe have to handle files with a dash (-) as first character from Linux command line. It can be difficult, because the script “thinks” the marks after the dash are parameters. So files

Spotlight On: The cPanel Interface – Icons, Groups and Variables

This past week we have been working on documenting how to add icons and groups to cPanel without using our plugin generator.  Writing DynamicUI files is a direct and flexible approach to adding custom groups,