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Facebook Features To Help Your Marketing

Using some of Facebook’s native features will help you organically grow your audience whether using a personal profile or business Page. 1) Hyper target your status updates (personal profile) When you post any type of

Fedora 13 Goddard – What’s New, Overview, Features, Screenshots

Fedora 13 is released. This is overview, what’s new features found on new Fedora 13 release. Main Software Updates, Changes and Features New Software Shotwell – Open source photo manager for GNOME Deja-dup – Déjà

SVN Remove Added File From Repository and Keep Local File – Subversion

This is quick SVN (Subversion) tip, howto remove added file from SVN repository without deleting file from local filesystem. Remove File From SVN Repository and Keep Local File svn delete –keep-local path/to/file.example Real example: svn

In Life and SEO – There Are No Guarantees!

Business owners are often asking how they can be ranked #1 on Google, or if they should trust the company that told them they would guarantee a first place ranking. A common turn of phrase

Notes and Resources from OC Wordcamp Marketing Presentation

This past weekend I gave a presentation at OC Wordcamp, discussing using a WordPress site for marketing your business, service or product.  As promised, here are the some of the key points, along with links

Speaking at OC Wordcamp – WordPress for Marketing

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak this weekend at OC Wordcamp (thanks Brandon!) on the topic: WordPress for Marketing. I will be discussing ways to optimize your blog to market yourself, your business or

PostgreSQL: Select a Random Number in a Range (Between Two Numbers)

This is quick tip howto select a random number in a range. Example random number between 1-100 (>= 1 and < 100). This is actually very easy job with PostgreSQL own random() function, which returns

Spotlight On: API Docs & Writing a cPanel Plugin

As of today, cPanel’s API1 and API2 are fully documented. cPanel’s x3 interface is entirely API-driven, meaning that every action you can perform in the cPanel interface is now documented and can be automated through

A General Overview of Database Mapping

Inside of 11.25.1 we are introducing a new feature called “database mapping” .  Despite the vague name, this feature has huge implications for integrated applications, transfers from non-cPanel servers and custom themes.  What this does

PostgreSQL Sleep Function pg_sleep – Postgres Delay Execution

One day, I was looking for PostgreSQL database function, which could delay the execution of queries. At first I thought that I will do one myself, because I do not remember ever seen this kind

Get Focused With Your Website Marketing – A Reader Example

Sometimes I give some freebie advice to my subscribers and readers by way of a blog post. I received an email from Becky at Classy Sassy Couture who is looking for more ways to market

PHP mb_ucfirst Make a String’s First Character Uppercase-Multibyte (UTF-8) Function

PHP’s ucfirst function is very usefull when you want to change words first letters to uppercase and other letters to lowercase. Currently on PHP does not have a multibyte (UTF-8) version of ucfirst function. So

Recharge and Refine Your Marketing Strategy

I frequently come across frustrated business owners who are still of the  “build it and they will come” mentality. They don’t understand why they are not getting more web traffic, or why their marketing efforts New Look

This new design (using Arras Theme) has just been published and will still develop, so any comments and opinions are very welcome. In my opinion, the new layout is much lighter and clearer. Also blog’s

Best Google Chrome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Extensions

Here is a list of the best Google Chrome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) extensions (plugins). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Extensions Chrome SEO The Google Chrome SEO Extension. Make your SEO tasks easier with Chrome SEO

Install Adobe AIR 1.5 and 2 on Fedora 13, CentOS 5.5 and Red Hat (RHEL) 5.5

This guide shows, howto install Adobe AIR on Fedora 12, Fedora 13, CentOS 5.5, Red Hat (RHEL) 5.5 and Red Hat (RHEL) 6. This method works on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. This guide also


Does Google really understand us?

The news that the Google Nexus One phone has shipped only 135,000 units since its launch 74 days ago got me thinking about what else Google has launched in the last few months, and where

Turn Web Browsing From Time Suck to Social Media Time Saver

The folks over at have been kind enough to publish an article by yours truly. They just launched a Visitor Submissions section and apparently mine was the very first to be published – woo!

Install Adobe Reader on Fedora 28/27, CentOS/RHEL 7.5/6.9

This is guide shows, howto install Adobe Reader (Acrobat PDF Reader) current version 9.5.5 RPM on Fedora 28/27, CentOS 7.5/6.9, Red Hat (RHEL) 7.5/6.9. This method works both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Note: Before it

Drive Traffic Using Q&A Sites To Show Your Expertise

Demonstrating expertise in your field using Q&A sites is a budget-friendly marketing strategy that can drive traffic to your website. Such sites allow the general public to tap the knowledge of the community to get