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WordCamp San Diego 2012 – All The Knowledge!!

WordCamp San Diego took place this past weekend, and as usual it was a day of learning, community and fun! Tickets to this event sold out extremely quickly so many folks missed out. Below you

WordCamp San Diego 2012 – All The Knowledge!!

WordCamp San Diego took place this past weekend, and as usual it was a day of learning, community and fun! Tickets to this event sold out extremely quickly so many folks missed out. Below you

Facebook Timeline For Profiles and Pages – Get Ready!

Facebook is getting ready to complete the rollout of Timeline to all business Pages on March 30th. So no matter what, your page will have Timeline on March 30th, whether you like it or not!!

Install Skype 8.22 on Fedora 28/27, CentOS/RHEL/SL 7.5

This is guide, howto install Skype 8.22 on Fedora 28/27/26/25 on CentOS/Red Hat (RHEL)/Scientific Linux (SL) 7.5. This is actually easy process, I updated this guide and use Skype own RPM package, because it’s currently

Removing the WordPress admin file editor

How many times have you handed over a project to a client, only to receive a phone call two weeks later saying “I think I broke the site…”? Maybe your client used the theme file

How to rename the WordPress admin account

These days WordPress lets you choose an admin username when you create a new installation, but there are probably still millions of WordPress sites out there with an admin username of “admin”. This is not

Test it in the User Interface

After spending time in the Developer section of the cPanel Community Forums, we’ve found a commonly asked question: “Why won’t my script work with XYZ function using the XML/JSON-API?” Rewinding a bit, the purpose of

Create Custom cPanel Modules

Nearly all cPanel actions are governed by cPanel API1 and API2 functions. For your application, instead of creating your own API from scratch, we’re created the ability to add your application’s logic to the cPanel

VI and VIM Syntax Highlighting on Fedora / CentOS / Red Hat (RHEL)

This is guide, howto enable Vi and Vim text editor syntax Highlighting on Fedora / CentOS / Red Hat (RHEL). Actually on Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat (RHEL) does only have Vim (Vi IMproved), but

Install phpMyAdmin 4.3.10 on Fedora 21/20, CentOS/RHEL 6.6/5.11

This is guide, howto install phpMyAdmin 4.3.10 with Nginx or Apache on Fedora 21/20/19, CentOS 7/6.6/5.11 and Red Hat (RHEL) 7/6.6/5.11 servers. phpMyAdmin needs web server with PHP and MySQL database. This guide uses Apache

Essential WordPress Plugin When Using Category Name In Permalinks

Many WordPress users like to use a custom permalink structure  which includes the blog post category in their url for additional SEO value. If you create relevant, keyword-rich category names for your blog, having them

Handy Web Design Resources For The Non-Designer

I consider myself creatively impaired when it comes to visual design. I know generally what I like and what I think works, but I’m not good at actually creating it from scratch. I leave that

Planning Your Website Effectively- WordPress Is A Tool Not A Strategy

One of the reasons why WordPress is so awesome is because it makes building powerful websites pretty easy. Pick a theme, add some content, hit Publish and there you have it. Lack of technical know-how

GRUB2 runlevel 3 – Howto Change runlevel on GRUB2

This is quick guide howto change runlevel on GRUB2. Title says runlevel 3 (refer to changing runlevel from 5 to 3), but yes same method of course works, if you want to change runlevel from

PHP / PDO / SQLite3 Example

This is a PHP, PDO and SQLite3 example, which demonstrates the SQLite3 databse usage with PHP-PDO. The PHP / PDO / SQLite3 example code demonstrates following things, and their use: Create / Connect SQLite3 databases

6 Common WordPress “Gotchas” To Avoid

I teach people on a daily basis how to use WordPress, from the ground up. A few face-smackingly simple issues come up time and again. 1) Pasting from Word will make your posts look funky


WHM – How To change NameServer Ip

The file that actually handles WHM > DNS Functions > Nameserver IPs area is at /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml location. If you want this to be changed, you’d want to make a backup of that file first and

Gnome Shell Tweaking with Extensions and Themes on Fedora 16

This is a guide on howto modify and tweak Gnome 3.2 Gnome Shell on Fedora 16, easily with application called gnome-tweak-tool, using extensions and themes. With this guide you have two option, install all extensions

Making your script work with security tokens in cPanel & WHM

What is a security token?“Security token” URLs were added in cPanel & WHM 11.25 as a security measure, and they were enabled by default in version 11.28. They help combat a common type of attack

Creating Password Protected Pages and Areas in WordPress

I had a client recently who needed to create private, password-protected sections on her WordPress site. She wanted each of her clients to have a private page with information related to what they were working