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Linux Cron Jobs Explained

Cron allows users to automate repetitive system administration tasks such as tape backups, database reorganization, and general file cleanups (such as emptying log files and queues). The Crontab File’s Syntax To tell cron what you


Taking backup of mysql database using cron

Taking backup of mysql database using cron Create a file called and also an empty directory called mysql_backup. The script should have the following info :


PRM (Process Resource Monitoring) in Linux Servers

The great people from R-FX Networks are bringing us a number of powerfull tools for the Linux Server enviroment PRM (Process Resource Monitoring) monitors the process table on a given system and matches process id’s


How to Reset your Linux Root Password

Whenever you can’t remember Root password, you can read this tutorial and do step by step to Reset it … You can log in with single-user mode and create a new root password. Reboot your


CentOS – what happened to netconfig in 5.1

For whatever reason CentOS decided to drop netconfig and renamed it to system-config-network


Common SSH Commands and Linux Shell Commands

We’ve put together some of the more frequently used SSH commands or linux shell commands, and organized them by name so you can easily find a command, their description and how to use it. This


The old JavaScript cPanel Server exploit

The Javascript exploit has been an old saga on a few Linux distros running cPanel and Plesk . The compromise is at the root level and a rootkit has been installed. This rootkit will attach


CentOS 5.1 Server Setup: LAMP, Email, DNS, FTP, ISPConfig (a.k.a. The Perfect Server)

This tutorial shows how to set up a CentOS 5.1 based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and web hosters: Apache web server (SSL-capable), Postfix mail server with SMTP-AUTH and TLS, BIND DNS

Stop XP Treating Zip Files as Folders

This is a long-standing Windows XP annoyance, and every time I rebuild a PC or buy a new one, I have to rummage around the web to find the fix. Well not any more –


How to install mod_gzip on a Linux server

This guide will show you how to install mod_gzip on your Linux server mod_gzip – what’s that, anyway? mod_gzip – serving compressed content by the Apache webserver mod_gzip is an external extension module for the


Moving large files from one linux server to your new linux server

Ok, so you like to move your 3 gig backup from your old server to your new server, but the the good old wget command is not doing the trick? There is an easy way


How to check and stop if DDoS attack is going on.

Distributed denial-of-service attacks In a distributed attack, the attacking computers are often personal computers with broadband connections to the Internet that have been compromised by viruses or Trojan horse programs. These allow the perpetrator to


How can I repair corrupt MySQL tables?

How can I repair corrupt MySQL tables? Every so often, MySQL tables have a way of corrupting themselves. MySQL offers a quick and painless method of repairing those tables.

Google Chrome

Anyone not living under a rock this past week will know that Google have released an early beta of their own browser, Chrome. Now that they’ve improved the EULA, I’ve installed it, and it seems


How to mount and unmount a drive in linux

How To Mount A Drive In Linux This simple step by step guide will show you how to mount a new hard drive or partitions onto your Linux server


Downgrading MySQL5 to MySQL4.1 in cPanel

For whatever reason , some people still want to run the old version of MySQL4.1 in there new cPanel servers, which seems a little issue , as the default database version in new cPanel server


MD5 password generator

MD5 password generator $pw is: "; echo " " . strtoupper(md5($pw)) . ""; } ?>   Enter a password to encrypt:

Kate Matthews Theatre & Costume Design

This is one reason I’ve been so damn busy recently… I’ve been trying to avoid taking new freelance work on, because I have enough trouble finding the time to service existing clients, but Kate


Linux sub directory size info

Need to know the exact size of your subdirectories in Linux? Just go to the directory , like cd / and try this du -cksh *  


Easyapache failing on CentOS server

Had an issue with one on our CentOS cPanel servers running 64 bit and cPanels easyapache upgrade. The folks at cPanel helped out with their usual professional response