Today the UK announced the Julian Assange has won the right to appeal his extradition to the USA.
Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton, reveals the full story of government corruption, assassination attempts, and why this case sets the most dangerous precedent for freedom of the press of our lifetime.

“The national security state doesn’t want its secrets exposed. They’re using the espionage act to clamp down on publishers. They’re afraid of leaks. They’re afraid of being surveilled. … Julian turned the lens of surveillance back around onto them. … They want Julian dead. … There’s a worldwide movement of people who see this case for what it is.
It’s the criminalization of telling the truth – the criminalization of journalism. …
He’s my hero actually. But he’s also my brother.”

00:00 Intro
00:35 Brief history & case update
02:21 How it all started: 2010 leaks
06:15 Significance of these early leaks
08:35 He’s my hero
09:54 “Document Dump” Myth
12:39 Aftermath of leaks
13:43 Bitcoin
17:59 Asylum in Ecuador Embassy
20:24 Assassination plots
23:56 “Free Press”
36:10 Dragged from Embassy
28:57 US indictment
35:54 Espionage Act
41:21 Criminalizing journalism
43:04 Assange wins appeal
47:08 US Govt wins 2nd appeal
48:48 Assange’s latest appeal
50:34 Biggest danger to Press Freedom
58:28 How you can help

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