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0:00 ? Intro
0:45 ? Welcome to NetworkChuck AMA
1:35 ? Watch this Awkward Ad by Manscaped ????
4:20 ? Joseph Frusci we would love to help!
4:40 ? “gotta trim the boys” — Rewind to 1:35 to see what we’re talking about
4:51 ? Let’s chat about the juniper cert challenge!
7:50 ? how NetworkChuck learned to code
11:46 ? NOC admin to Cloud Engineer??
15:20 ? Tips for finding a job with your CCNA!
18:58 ? 10 years in Networking to Cybersecurity
20:00 ? Will experience in networking in Europe count in the U.S.?
20:58 ? CWNA to CWNP?
24:00 ?How do I start in I.T. with no experience??
27:07 ?Do I need certs to be a data network engineer?
29:38 ?Down Time = Study Time
30:34 ?Best Tips for learning Linux
33:06 ?Bearded I.T. Dad buying us some coffee
33:21 ?How to be creative for systemic issues
35:59 ?What NetworkChuck does to get his daughters into I.T.
39:33 ?How to move on from a Help Desk job with certs
42:07 ?Should you increase the amount of pods for an Nginx+php website in K8s cluster, before increasing the amount of nodes to support more requests?
43:53 ?What cert to get once you are in Help Desk
45:55 ?Partnering with NetworkChuck to learn more on software development
46:19 ?Top Tech Highschool Teacher
47:16 ?Some Steps to get into DevOps/Cloud engineering?
49:01 ?If you’re 11, here’s what you should do next!
50:46 ?How to impress your boss to get a promotion
51:51 ?Next steps with a CAP Cert
53:29 ?A lot of certifications but going for the JNCDA
54:31 ?Best Advice for a 17 year old who loves tech!
56:30 ?10 year old wants to start learning
57:29 ?Hacked in the airport, they used SDR!
58:24 ?Other cloud companies you can try out!
59:34 ?Where to start learning javascript
1:00:15 ?Thoughts on the ejptv2 exam
1:00:35 ?Thoughts on Neil Moore – the only person with every CCIE
1:02:02 ?Wanting to bypass Help Desk with a program in the Cloud
1:04:31 ?Starting out with the AWS Certification without IT experience
1:05:40 ?IT recruiter with massive experience
1:06:03 ?Local ISSA organization teaches pentesting and HTB trainings.
1:06:36 ?What adjustments do you make after a failed exam?
1:09:52 ?grabbing A+ while in college for full stack will keep you well rounded
1:10:16 ?Keep it techy has a great channel!
1:10:43 ?Advice for learning Azure
1:12:05 ?is joining the Juniper challenge but in another area of certs okay?
1:12:56 ?Junior Systems engineer
1:13:05 ?Is NetworkChuck going to get the OSCP?
1:13:59 ?Send your home lab on twitter!
1:14:12 ?Tips for the AWS SysOps exam
1:15:48 ?is tryhackme worth paying for?
1:16:06 ?What is NetworkChucks home lab steup?
1:16:27 ?should you stop another cert to start the juniper challenge?
1:17:39 ?Advice for a carrer change from military to IT.
1:19:53 ?Should you choose Digital forensics/pentest or accounting?
1:20:31 ?If you’re in London and can fix AC – go help this guy!
1:21:05 ?Valuable Home projects you should try!
1:21:57 ?Kyle Enjoys NetworkChucks videos
1:22:04 ?Students taking the AZ-900 and SC-900!!
1:22:19 ?How to get into IT as a high school student
1:23:25 ?Should you get your CCNA or Network+ first to get a job?
1:24:07 ?how to dockerize our own apps?
1:25:12 ?Testimony of how Tech has helped!
1:25:40 ?What is NetworkChucks preferred method for maintaining/recalling tech info?
1:26:43 ?Thanks for joining us in this livestream!
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1:29:27 ?Outro

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