Learn how to use Ansible to automate Cisco IOS network devices. This is the future: Network Automation using Ansible and Python. If you want to be a network engineer in future, you need to learn Cisco DevNet and automation technologies.

Welcome: 0:00
Who is Donald? 0:12
Books that Donald wrote: 1:00
What is Ansible and why is it recommended? 1:22
Idempotency: 2:27
Create a project: 3:50
Create a hosts.ini file: 4:20
Agent vs agentless / puppet vs ansible: 5:00
What does Ansible use to connect to devices: 7:40
New / Better way of doing things (hosts.yml): 17:40
Which is better? 23:20
Global ansible.cfg file: 24:01
Never use tab: 27:30
Create a repository: 27:55
Do you need to use Git: 30:20
Is Linux recommended? Or is Windows ok? 30:35
Can you use a Mac? 31:24
Redo the process using public github: 31:52
Files on github: 35:34
Copy files to the Ansible server: 36:02
Create a virtual environment: 37:55
Install Ansible: 38:38
Check the ansible docs: 41:40
Run Ansible adhoc commands: 43:55
What did ping do? 46:20
What is an Ansible playbook: 47:50
Create Ansbile playbook: 48:20
Run Ansible Playbooks: 53:09
Add an IP address: 56:06

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