Alvin Bryan Joins Smashing Podcast Episode 64 to Explain Headless CMS

In this episode, Drew McLellan interviews Alvin Bryan, a developer advocate at Contentful, about headless content management systems (CMS). They discuss the difference between headless CMS and traditional systems, the role of developer relations, and the benefits and challenges of using a headless CMS. Alvin emphasizes the importance of considering the content model when planning a project and highlights the flexibility and control that a headless CMS provides. He also mentions the concept of composable content, where different data sources can be integrated into the CMS. Alvin suggests evaluating the API and user interface of a headless CMS when choosing a solution and emphasizes the need for testing and thinking about edge cases. He concludes by discussing recent developments in the CMS space, such as AI integration and the impact on content creation and attribution.