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In Austin where I live, the tech industry is booming. It’s home to companies like Dell, IBM, Oracle, and LegalZoom, and the city is bursting with smaller design firms, development agencies, and more talented freelancers than foodtrucks (probably—don’t quote me on that). Over SXSW weekend in 2015 alone, almost 34,000 people converged on the city just for the interactive and technical panels.

When I graduated from college here, I wanted to be a part of the opportunity and energy around tech.

But while I was researching, I got a little disappointed with my findings—many companies were somewhat lacking in powerful mission statements, values, and corporate responsibility. Cultures seemed more directed toward “winning,” ping-pong, free beer at work, and making as much money as possible.

I started to wonder if tech was even right for me. I was looking for a value-driven, inspiring place to work that lauded creativity, positivity, focus on the greater good, and social impact, but I was getting worried that all tech companies were all about money grubbing and number crunching.

But the fact is—there are SO many tech companies out there, and for many of them, the bottom line really is making a profit. And that’s perfectly okay! But if you’re looking for a job that is tied to another cause, I’m about to give you some good news.

There are tech jobs out there with companies that have a greater purpose, solid values, and social missions (both non-profit and for-profit!). You don’t have to sacrifice working in tech for your desire to feel inspired and work for a mission-driven company that focuses on making a social impact and a tangible difference in the world.

Plus, so many tech companies offer remote and flexible schedules, which has a significant positive environmental impact: according to information from FlexJobs, telecommuting full-time reduces the average person’s work-related carbon footprint by 98 percent!

So if you love helping people, supporting important causes, and contributing to the betterment of society, check out the awesome open tech positions at these 50 ethical companies.

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1. User Experience Lead & Manager, Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports keeps consumers up to date on the latest product reviews and ratings, in order to keep them informed and smart about their buying choices.

2. Lead WordPress Engineer, Exygy
Exygy is a technology development partner dedicated to working with change-making clients.

3. Full Stack Developer,
The mission of is to mobilize the tech community to rally around important policies that keep the American Dream alive.

4. Digital Marketing Manager, BuildASign
BuildASign has a giving program geared towards embodying the philanthropic, value-driven culture of the company.


5. Junior Developer, HelloGiggles
HelloGiggles defines itself as a “positive community for women” and creates funny and engaging content to entertain and inform female viewers.

6. Software Engineer Apprentice, BBC Worldwide
Renowned media conglomerate BBC Worldwide is committed to high ethical and environmental trade practices and holds high standards for worker’s rights.

7. Digital Marketing Associate, Faircom New York
Faircom New York is a marketing and fundraising agency that caters exclusively to nonprofits and social enterprises.

8. Technical Lead: Messaging, connects young people with volunteer campaigns and opportunities in order to shed light on important causes.

9. Application Developer (frontend) Superdesk, Sourcefabric
Sourcefabric develops open-source software for independent news media organizations to enable quality journalism worldwide.

10. Junior Designer, Good
Good is a company dedicated to sharing creative solutions for living well and doing good in the community.

11. Digital Marketing Specialist, Exploratorium
San Francisco based Exploratorium is a public learning lab with the mission of creating inquiry-based experiences that accelerate and transform learning.


12. Tech – L2, The New School
The New School is a progressive university located in New York City dedicated to preparing students to succeed in a rapidly changing society.

13. Digital Director, The Malala Fund
Inspired and led by Malala Yousafzai, the organization works to secure the right to quality education for girls, particularly in the global south.

14. Ecommerce Web Developer, Free The Children
Free the Children is an international charity focusing on helping to empower communities to lift them out of poverty, with the hopes of creating real international change.

15. Innovation Data Associate, KIPP
KIPP Charter Schools is built on the belief that all students can learn and achieve, regardless of background, and they are dedicated to providing them with the education to do so.

16. Senior Director of E-Learning, The Juilliard School
World renowned conservatory Juilliard teaches dance, drama, and music right in the epicenter of art and culture, New York City.


17. IT Administrator, Conservation Northwest
Conservation Northwest protects wild areas and old-growth forests all across the country. Those who are passionate about wildlife and protecting our natural land will love working here!

18. Director of IT & Web, Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network spreads environmental awareness worldwide with the mission of growing and diversifying the environmental movement to promote a healthy, sustainable planet.

19. Web Developer, The Pacific Institute
The Pacific Institute is dedicated to conducting research and policy analysis regarding sustainable development, international security, and the environment.

20. Technology and Informations Systems Operations Manager, The Nature Conservancy
Nature lovers will love working for The Nature Conservancy, whose mission is to “protect nature, for people today and future generations.”

21. IT Project Manager, Method
San Francisco-based Method Products produces biodegradable, natural, nontoxic cleaning supplies with a focus on minimalistic product design.

22. Technical Support Analyst, Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation produces environmentally friendly cleaning products, designed for being kind to both human health and the ecosystem.

23. Marketing Analyst—Direct Marketing, Sungevity
Interested in green energy? Sungevity is a solar electricity company providing solar panels for residential properties.

24. Information Technology Manager, Resources for the Future
Resources for the Future conducts rigorous economic research and analysis to help leaders make better decisions and craft smarter policies about natural resources and the environment.


25. IT Software Support Specialist, Triangle Inc
The mission of Triangle Inc is to provide vocational training, employment, and residential services to people with disabilities.

26. Graphic Designer, Urban Justice Center
The Urban Justice Center focuses on providing legal and advocacy services and programs to LGBT youth.

27. Database Administrator, Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts is a nonprofit promoting the advancement of the arts in America, and ensuring each person has access to the transformative powers of the arts.

28. Web Developer, Alliance for a Healthier Generation
This nonprofit organization rallies around lowering obesity rates among adolescents and promoting healthier lifestyle habits for all.

29. Senior Web Developer, Amnesty International
The mission of Amnesty International is to campaign for a world where all people have fair human rights.

30. Product Designer, Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages empowers international artisans by selling their homemade crafts and gifts to a wider audience.

31. Director of Engineering, Creative Commons
Creative Commons promotes the idea of sharing and creativity via the internet through their offerings of free legal tools made for authors, artists, and educators.

32. Digital Strategist, Young Invincibles
Young Invincibles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping young people with the information they need regarding healthcare, jobs, and higher education.

33. Salesforce Administrator, Ashoka
Ashoka invests in social entrepreneurs, giving them mentorship and financial support in order to accelerate social innovation and solve tough social problems.

34. Software Engineer, Simons Foundation
The Simons Foundation is based in New York City and operates with the driving purpose to advance research in basic science and mathematics.


35. Front-End Developer, Goodshop
Goodshop offers discounts and deals that consumers can use to shop at their favorite stores. Then, they donate a percentage of what you purchase through the app to the causes of your choice.

36. Full Stack Software Engineer, Etsy
Etsy is a certified B-Corporation, which is defined by humane treatment towards workers, benefits they provide toward the environment, and overall transparent business practices.

37. Communications and Marketing Internship, The Little Market
The mission of The Little Market is to empower women in third world companies by selling their handmade, artisan goods to a larger consumer base.

38. Full Stack Software Engineer, The Honest Company
The Honest Company focuses on making non-toxic cleaning and beauty products to promote a safer home environment.

39. Editorial Assistant, Glossier
Glossier is a cruelty-free beauty company, with a brand message that promotes self-love, acceptance, and loving the skin you’re in.


40. Senior Graphic Designer, Catbird
Catbird is a sparkly jewelry mecca based in Brooklyn, and is ever increasing in popularity among shoppers looking for small-batch, ethically-made, and one of a kind pieces made in NYC.

41. Social Media Manager, The North Face
The North Face provides in-store recycling bins to encourage people to drop off unwanted clothing and footwear. The collection is then sorted into more than 400 categories and are recycled and repurposed into new clothing.

42. Engineer, Everlane
Everlane promotes radical transparency in the fashion space. The company creates beautiful, timeless essentials in ethical factories, and prices their pieces at lower than normal markups.

43. Ecommerce Manager, Eileen Fisher
The vision of Eileen Fisher is to run their fashion label ethically, with human rights and sustainability at the forefront of importance.

44. Software Engineering Graduate Scheme, ASOS
ASOS is a member of the Ethical Trade Initiative, helping to improve global working conditions in apparel factories. They also feature a Green Room section of their site, which offers sustainable fashion choices. ASOS is also carbon-neutral, and reduced their carbon footprint by cutting air freight from 75% to 10% of their products.

45. Entry Level IT Technician, American Apparel
American Apparel’s sustainable initiatives include producing exclusively in the US, recycling and donating leftover materials, using solar power their in factories, and using organic materials.

46. Social Media Specialist – Community Management, TOMS
TOMS operates on a one-for-one model. Every time you buy a product in stores or on their website, the company makes a donation to help someone in need.

47. IT Engineer – Retail Systems, Patagonia
Among operating on fair labor principles and ethical factory environments, Patagonia measures the environmental impact of each of its products and publishes its findings on The Footprint Chronicles. The company is always looking for ways to become lower impact and is transparent about the journey to becoming a more responsible company.

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