43 Amazing Websites That Will Motivate You to Learn WordPress


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WordPress got its start as a blogging platform over a decade ago, but it’s grown into a full-blown CMS (content management system) since then.

I got my start with WordPress within the first couple of years after it got started. I used it for blogging, but as its capabilities grew, I started using it for more things, and even sites that didn’t have blogs at all.

Now, there’s almost no limit to what you can do if you learn WordPress (beyond the basics of posting content). You can create ecommerce sites, event sites, small business sites, big business sites, directories, and almost anything else you can think of. And it’s still great for blogs, too!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration before tackling your next (or first!) WordPress project, check out these 43 sites!

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Agency Sites

WordPress is super popular among design agencies, and not just for their clients’ sites. It’s also a favorite choice for their own websites. Whether it’s a simple portfolio for a web designer or a full-blown corporate site for a digital agency handling everything from web development to marketing, WordPress is a very common choice to power agency sites. Check out a few of the awesome examples here:

1. Lakewood Media

2. Ant Built

3. Wonder Wild

4. Ahoy

5. Indiku

6. Pixel Industry

Media and Entertainment Sites

Its roots in blogging makes WordPress an obvious choice for media sites. Entertainers (including big names like Alanis Morissette) have websites built on WordPress, and even high-profile magazines like The New Yorker run their sites on WordPress. Below are a few more to check out:

7. Alanis Morissette

8. The Main

9. Creativity for Sale

10. Film Shortage

11. The Forecaster

12. Ugsmag

13. The New Yorker

14. Variety

E-Commerce Sites

While WordPress isn’t an e-commerce platform out of the box, plugins like WooCommerce can make it suitable for almost any online store. Check out the ones here for some ideas!

15. Blue Star Coffee Roasters

16. Forage & Graze

17. Dineamic

18. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

19. Dark Horse

20. Wootten

21. Menagerie

22. Cienne

23. Mini Learners

24. Belle & The Brave

25. Over

26. Modern Farmer

27. The Untold Wish

28. Bog Berry Dryer Balls

29. Julie Lopez Shoes

30. Compliments

Non-Profit Sites

WordPress is open source (meaning the code is freely available), which makes it a great choice for non-profits and charities who can’t budget for proprietary software (or would rather spend those funds on their actual mission).

31. Acumen

32. The Jane Goodall Institute

33. We Promise Foundation

34. Too Young to Wed

35. Crossroads Adaptive Athletics Alliance

36. Amala Foundation

Corporate Sites

There are tons of corporate sites that run on WordPress, including big names like The New York Times Company’s corporate site and Sony Music.

37. Sony Music

38. The New York Times Company

39. Univision

40. True Ventures


Guess what? Skillcrush runs on WordPress! And so do a ton of college and university sites, as well as educational organizations like Ladies Learning Code.

41. Georgia State University

42. Ladies Learning Code

43. 99U

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