PressNomics 6 – A HeroThemes Retrospective

“Hey, you’re the guys from HeroThemes”, one of the other attendees said. “We use your KnowAll theme!” Even though HeroThemes has now served over 23,000 customers, it’s still an odd feeling to meet another WordPress business owner using our theme for their help site IRL, especially over 5,000 miles away from HeroThemes’ Staffordshire HQ at PressNomics 6 in sunny Tucson, Arizona.…
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Measuring For Keyword Relevance

If you need a new home for your WordPress site, look no further than InMotion’s WordPress Hosting solutions for secure, optimized, budget-friendly servers. Fast & Easy Transfers    Free SSLs    Hack Protection    Affordable View WordPress Hosting Plans It’s never been easier to generate long lists of potential keywords for your site.…
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