We have always felt that Windows is one of the most user-friendly interfaces among the Operation Systems that have been developed and upgraded in this technological era. However, this has become a myth with the release of the Linux Desktops as they have proved to be more user-friendly and safe compared to that of the Windows Desktops.


Here are 11 reasons that say why one should migrate from Windows to a Linux Desktop.

1) Linux is FREE!

Unlike the Windows OS and the updates related to a Windows OS, Linux OS installation as well as Updating is absolutely FREE of cost. While for Windows OS you have to shell out in Dollars to Microsoft, Linux is offered to you with the best interface free of cost.

2) Data Safety is the Utmost Priority!

Linux Desktops have been developed having user’s data safety as the first priority. You would have always heard from a friend or on your personal experience, the pain of installing and updating Anti-virus foe a Windows Desktop. Firstly, its additional cost and you have every risk of losing data if you fail to update the Anti-virus on time.

However this is not the case with a Linux desktop, as you don’t require an anti-virus at all here! Viruses and Malware is alien to Linux. Hence, switching to Linux will not only saves you money but also every bit of data stored in your Hard Drive.

3) You don’t have to hesitate to go for a low end Hardware!

Most Windows Operating system packages require a good amount of storage for inbuilt applications and hence you may have to be equipped with at least 1GB of RAM space. But Hurray! Linux is here. Linux works well even in Lower end Hardware without much of a lag. A 512 MB RAM may be extremely slow on a Windows OS however it is not the case with Linux. Even if your system is the one from the 90s or 2000s it is very easy to have lightweight Linux distributions, as hardware space is never a constraint for Linux.

4) Easy to Use!

It is a myth that the Linux interface is only for Geeks. It is not like the early times where one needs to know command line ninja to use Linux. The GUI tools have come out of the box and Linux is presently as easy to use as the interface of Windows.

5) Drivers are no more a Problem!

In Windows desktop we have to find the apt driver that will suit our system and install them accordingly which is one big struggle. However this is not the case with Linux. All drivers are directly supported by Linux Kernel. Hence it is more of Plug and Play with Linux unlike in Windows where one needs to struggle installing the drivers.

6) Attractive Interface

Linux has a much more attractive interface when compared to Windows Desktop. Be in Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome 3, KDE or low end desktop environments like Xfce or Lxde, all of these look much more attractive then the Windows Desktop. It allows you to choose desktop flavor according to your choice.

7) Like iOS you have App Store

Like iOS, Linux allows you to have your own Software Repository or App store. It allows you to have all the applications that you require in one place. It is more convenient to find the right application that you require. The apps in the software repository are well updated and consume less space, and one need not struggle with lack of space and the trouble continuous call for updates like in a Windows 8 and above desktop.

8) Easy Updating Process

Every one of us would have experienced the tedious and time-consuming updating process in a Windows Desktop. This is not the case with Linux. Linux updates are just a matter of a click and one need not restart the system for every updates. All updates are linked to security and application updates as well which makes it a one-time process.

9) Linux gaming is now here!

Linux lets you have access to Windows only games as well through PlayOnLinux. It also provides access to GOG.com and Steam where a number of Native Linux Games are updates regularly.

10) Linux Community Support

Another best feature about Linux is the Linux Community Support. It has a number of forums and how to use Linux blogs that gives you all the necessary information that you require to use a Linux Desktop.

11) What’s Running on your Desktop

With the introduction of Windows 10, you never really know what’s running on your desktop and can’t get more specific details on it. Also with Windows 10, Microsoft can push updates to your computer at will you’ll be surprised to see a random update running suddenly. But with a Linux DE, it is crystal clear if just look through the package list, as what is running on your computer. And you are never forced to install an update nor does it get installed on your computer automatically behind your back.

These are the 11 reasons that make you want to use Linux than that of a Windows Desktop.