So you are sick and tyred of downloading different files to your computer and then uploading it to your server !?

Then the Wget shell comand is perfect for you !

    Log into your shell account on your server by using Putty.
    Log in by using your log in name and password , that will get you into root , choose and go to the directory you want to upload your program by using the cd comand :

    like this :

    cd /home/yourdirectory/thedownloaddirectory

    That’ll get you into the directory and then just use wget ; for example lets say we wanna download and install php-nuke into this directory , so just get the direct url of the zip file and use:


    Voila, that’ll upload the zipped version of php-nuke onto your server , now you will just need to unzip the file by using this shell comand :
    tar -zxvf

    Great isn’t it , the whole process just took you 2 minutes instead of downloading it onto your pc (30 min) and uploading it onto the server (1hours)