Veeam and Netapp Replication Bug 52968

Last week we came across an issue where Veeam Backup and Replication Update 3 was unable to find Netapp snapmirror or snapvault relationships for the specific job that was running. The specific warning within the job window was:

cannot find any relevant Netapp Snapvault and Snapmirror Relationships

The virtual machines for this backup job are located on an NFS volume named customer_os_data

Looking through the Veeam backup logs (C: ProgramData Veeam Backup) we noticed the following entries:

Veeam would go through and list out all the snapmirror and snapvault relationships and then look for a match on the volume name, customer_os_data. However no match was found. The backup log (C:ProgramDataVeeamBackup) produced this log entry against the specific snapvault relationship for this volume:

[20.11.2015 15:04:28] <01> Info [NetApp] Unable to find any LUN or NFS export for SnapProtection relationsip: ‘SouceLocation: ‘Vserver:customer_os_data’, SourceVolume: ‘customer_os_data’, SourceVserver: ‘Vserver’, SourceCluster: ‘CLUSTER1’, DestinationLocation: ‘VserverDR:customer_os_data_sv’, DestinationVolume: ‘customer_os_data_sv’, DestinationVServer: ‘VserverDR’, DestinationCluster: ‘CLUSTER2’RelationshipType: ‘Vault”

Investigating a little further and comparing between a working backup job and this job, we found that Veeam was actually looking for a volume with the path /vol/customer_os/_data <—- Notice the / inbetween os and _data:

[20.11.2015 15:04:26] <01> Info Path: ‘/vol/customer_os/_data

We logged a support ticket with Veeam and they were able to identify this as Bug 52968.

This required us to patch 2 files:

  • Veeam.Backup.SanPlugin.NetApp.dll
  • Veeam.Backup.SanPlugin.NetAppLib.dll

The patch is not readily available and is only available via a support ticket with Veeam.

If you run into the same issue you can log a support ticket to request the patch via the customer support portal:

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