Ubuntu has released its latest version Ubuntu 15.10 code name as “Wily Werewolf” on 22nd Oct 2015. As this version is not LTS, so support will be provided only for 9 months.

Some of its newly improved features are listed below :

  • New Kernel 4.2 is included in this release.
  • Libreoffice 5.0.2 brings lot of improvements
  • Firefox is updated to its latest version Firefox 41
  • Chromium 45
  • Nautilus 3.14.2
  • Fixed small fixes of Unity 7.3.3 in this release.
  • New version of OpenStack “Liberty” is also introduced in this version

In this post we discuss how to install Ubuntu 15.10 on our laptop or desktop.

Step:1 Download Ubuntu 15.10 ISO file from its Official Site.

To download Ubuntu 15.10 go to its office site “http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop” and download as per your system architecture.


Now make a bootable drive either on USB or CD-ROM / DVD

Step:2 Boot the system with bootable drive.

When we boot the machine with bootable drive, following windows will appear.


Step:3 Click on “Install Ubuntu”


In the nextstep it will check whether system has enough free space, connected to Internet & power is plugged in.


Click on “Continue”

Step:4 Now partition your disk, for that there are two ways

( 1) Let the Operating System to create the partition – OS will be automatically created partition depending on the disk size.

( 2) Create your own partition.


In my case i am creating own partition , i am using around 62 GB disk.

EFI Partition – 650 MB (only if you use UEFI)

  • /(root) – 30 GB ( Formatted as EXT4 journaling file system )
  •  /var – 10 GB ( Formatted as EXT4 journaling file system )
  •  Swap Partition – double of RAM ( 2 GB in my case )
  •  /home – 20 GB – ( Formatted as EXT4 journaling file system )

Note : These partition will subjected to change according to your disk size.


Click On “New Partition Table…” it will display the Warning Message as shown above.


Click on “+” symbol and create the partitions.


Click on OK, and repeat the same step for /var and /home partition.

Create Swap Partition :


Our Final Partition Scheme will look like below:


Click On “Install Now


Click on Continue…

Step:5 Set the time zone for the Clock.


Click on Continue….

Step:6 Define the language as per your setup.


Click on Continue…

Step:7 In this step we will define the followings :

  • Define the System’s Hostname
  • Define the Name of user that will be used after installation
  • Define the password for the user.
  • Set the option “Require my password on Log in”


Click on Continue….

Step:8 Installation is in Progress as shown below

When we click on Continue in above step then installation will start.


When the Installation is completed, we need to take reboot.

Step:9 Reboot the System


Step:10 Now Login to the System using the credentials that we set in above steps.



Installation of Ubuntu 15.10 is completed, enjoy and explore it.