In our Previous post we have discussed “Installation Steps of VMware Workstation 11 on Ubuntu 14.10”. In this post we will discuss how to create a virtual machine using VMware Workstation 11 on Ubuntu 14.10 step by step.

Step:1 Start the VMware Workstation

Dash Home —> Search —-> VMware workstation

Click on VMware Workstation


Home - VMware-Workstation11

Click on “Create a New virtual Machine” option

Step:2 Select the type of Configuration for the virtual Machine

In my case i have selected the recommended type.


Click on Next…

Step:3 Specify the installation media

Installation media can be physical device like CD / DVD or ISO file. In my case i am using an ISO file of Linuxmint-17


Click on Next….

Step:4 Select Guest Operating System Version

Click on Next…


Step:5 Define OS Name & location where OS image will be stored

By default vmware workstation create operating system image in user’s home directory under vmware folder. We can also change this location as per the requirements


Click on Next…

Step:6 Specify Disk Capacity for the Virtual Machine


Click on Next….

Step:7 Define the resources like CPU and Memory for the Virtual Machine


Click on Customize Hardware.

Specify the CPU and Memory for the virtual machine as per your requirement. In this step we can also define the networking for the VM (Virtual Machine) like Nat (used to share host ip address) or Bridge ( directly connected to physical NIC )


Click On Close and then Click on Finish

Step:8 Start the OS(operating System) installation


Complete the OS installation as per the instructions.

Step:9 Manage Virtual Machine : Start, Stop and Pause